Project planning in it’s best form!

A manager approached his manager to discuss the resourcing requirements for a potential project!

Manager (M): Looks like this project will come through. It is a critical one for the customer. But, in order to execute this project, we will need additional people in the team.

Manager’s Manager (M’s M): Until the customer signs on the dotted line, there will not be any additional resources!

M: But… That will not go down with the customer well. Instead, we should at least let them know the time it takes for us to bring in additional people into the team. Say like 2 weeks or a month. This way, we can put pressure on the customer to sign on the dotted line at the earliest.

M’s M: (silent)

M: Now, tell me how long does it take you to give me resources if I get the customer to sign on the dotted line today?

M’s M: Why are you talking about “how long”? You have so many resources assign to you. (goes into how to extract work out of the existing team by breaking into smaller pieces)

M: (after listening to the ramblings for a few minutes) If I hear you correctly, this is what you are saying. Commit to the customer that work will be done. Get them to sign on the dotted line. Then, we will figure out how to execute the project.

M’s M: Absolutely!…

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  1. Nice Post, Why cant you try posting in (English)?, they $$$$$ pay $$$$ for top rated articles everyweek !!. You get more visitors too !! Thanks

  2. That is why they say ,in corporate world, you must have always some one to blame.That is what M'M is trying to do.

  3. ha ha .. i can vouch for that! usually happens everywhere

  4. Looks like a leaf from Dilbert's Comic :)
    very well written. I have observed these things

  5. @Sweata - Thanks for dropping by! I will hold onto the information. At present, I don't intend to make money from my blogging adventures. It may change in the future!

    @Harish - Yes, true! But, get a laugh at least out of it. ;)

    @BKC - More than someone to blame, it is the lack of foresight or planning that makes people work like this!

    @Vaz - :)

    @Md Mudassir Shah - Thanks for dropping by. Glad you could connect with what I wrote!


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