Roadstar brought to you by Pune Traffic Police

Picture 108 Do the law abiding citizens get any respect from the police? They do! This is what I realized today on seeing the tiny (in size) certificate from the traffic police lying on my friend’s desk.The certificate was awarded by the Pune traffic police to thank my friend for wearing helmet while riding a bike.

On the day it was awarded, he was pulled over by the traffic police. He showed them his papers. In return, they handed over the certificate that resembles a visiting card. My friend was agitated after receiving the paper. He did not examine it and assumed it to be a fine. “I had all my papers”, he exclaimed. The cop requested him to look at it again!

You can’t blame my friend! You never expect niceties from the traffic police!

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  1. Interesting.
    It was a 2 day event (Oct 1st and 2nd) organized by the JOGW team.
    Kudos to them..:D

  2. That is the problem when people lose faith in the system of governance.


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