Towel Elephant

Picture 115 Hotel staff are courteous. But, do they go out of their way to create a different experience for you? Beaming a buoyant smile, they greet you and wishes you day after day on the way in and way out. Barring this, there have not been anything different! Yesterday was unusual.

When I entered the room after a grueling day, I was surprised to find this unique piece of towel art sitting on my bed. The hotel staff created an elephant using the towel and left a note so that I’m not shocked.

I’m staying at Lemon Tree hotels in Pune. The rooms are smaller. You wake up disoriented as there is no light coming into the room if the curtains are closed! All this is forgiven now!

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  1. Never seen anything like this.. Very creative indeed!

  2. Interesting. And sure seems to have worked for you!

  3. Very nice and original idea.
    I was very impressed when I Checked in.I was very happy.


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