Unlimited drinks and starters @ Radha Regent, Bengaluru

“Unlimited Indian drinks and starters @ 550 onwards”, screamed the poster inside Radha Regent. I have been here once. It was for a lunch buffet. If you work for any of the companies adjacent to this hotel, then you are most likely to get a discount for the buffet. So, the price wasn’t high. At the same time, the spread wasn’t great! But, the ambience made up for it.

This time, my friends were staying here. We were evaluating our options for the evening. We could go out to a local bar or drink in the room with food delivered by room service when the poster caught our attention. The hotel staff explained the offer to us. The offer is valid for 2 hours. Unlike the happy hours adopted by many restaurants, here the happy hours aka the 2 hours start after you have placed your first order! There are additional attractions. You can sit near the poolside. Two artists from Romania will be performing from 7 pm. All this sounded enticing enough to zero on the combination of pool, live band and alcohol.

After walking into the bar, we realized two things. Although the lobby was empty, the scene in the bar was different. It was crowded! The tables near the pool were occupied. The pool was a disappointment. It resembled a gigantic water tank built above the ground. The band was already performing. They were facing the crowd by the pool side. There were tables directly behind the artists. We sat there. Then the waiter showed us our options - Rs 550 for unlimited Indian liquors and unlimited starters, Rs 700 for unlimited Indian premium liquors and unlimited starters and Rs 900 for unlimited Scotch and unlimited starters. For a beer aficionado, there are only two options – either the Rs 700 package or the Rs 900 package!

We chose Rs 700 package! As there was a shortage for man power, I waited for a while after finishing my first drink! I had to request the waiter to take a stock of the situation more often. The starters turned out to be another disappointment. The starters depended on the chef’s choice. We do not get to choose. There will be a vegetarian and a non vegetarian entree. All this sounded reasonable. But, the chef’s choice for the non vegetarian entree was badly cooked greasy chicken wings! The most unfortunate part was the adamant nature of the chef. Once the chef made up his mind, he did not change the choice for the rest of the day!

Picture Courtesy: http://www.radhahotels.com

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  1. this place is fine with me...you can take me there when i come over...

  2. @Anil Pai - When are you coming over? Action speaks more than words. :p

  3. hahah..nona ji.when r taking anil there? me too want to join..hehe

  4. I don't think it is worth, there are better options in Bangalore.

  5. @sm - Thanks for dropping by! :)

    @Ramesh - I will let you know when Anil comes for a visit!

    @Rama - I agree.


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