Background check before marriage

“Can you find out more about him?”. This is one of the most basic type of background check performed before proceeding to the many steps leading to marriage. Arrange marriage to be precise. The best part is when you live outside India and someone contacts you for rendering this service. You are living in California and you have gather the necessary data about someone residing in Memphis! If you are lucky, then there is a name, address and details of the employer. If you aren’t, you are left with a name and an address that is as good as “He lives in Tennessee”!

I dreaded this responsibility. If the person was of dubious character, it should be easy to end the background check and pass the report. What if the person crosses over to the dark side after the background check yield an unblemished report? Will there be a pang of guilt? Fortunately for me, I never found out because I was never ever entrusted with the responsibility!

One of the best background check story I have come across was narrated to me by my friend. His family was looking for an alliance for his second sister. The boy was working in a city in UAE. So, they entrusted this responsibility to an acquaintance who lived in the vicinity of this city in UAE. The acquaintance called up the boy’s friend. He introduced himself and told the reason behind the call.

The boy came out in flying colors. My friend’s sister got married to this boy! After marriage, the real story of the background check came out. During the background check, the acquaintance had actually to the boy and not to the boy’s friend. The unblemished report was given by the boy himself.

All is well that ends well. My friend’s sister lives in bliss.

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  1. that was great. anyway all is well that ends well.. and i got the subject for my next post!

  2. Marriages are always tricky, whether it is arranged like in olden days by word of mouth, or through modern day internet. Sometimes we feel we get more information through these internet marriage portals , sometimes it is totally useless. There are advantages and disadvantages in this type of marriage. But theses days we are left with this only for nobody is willing to recommend anybody like those days.
    Marriage is really a big risk. Luckily, our daughter found her life partner through the and they are very happy.

  3. interesting post:)
    Following this blog..

  4. @Rama - Thanks for sharing your experience. There are a lot of matches that is made on internet and then in heaven. :)

    @pRasad - Thanks for dropping by! Thanks for following. :)

  5. Thank god it was a happy ending. On the other hand, he knows himself best..

  6. marriage is important to every women, especially when they get marriage to their love ones. but, some family still doing an "arrange marriage". that's why, it is important to get background check first if that person is right for you so that your family and you will be protected to the person who want you to have get marriage.


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