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This book written by Jeffery Archer is a collection of 15 short stories; some of it are inspired from true events while other are the result of imagination. The stories are set in different parts of the world and covers different topics like deceit, luck, love, ambition etc. The stories based on the true stories cover different time spans. Some of the stories unfold in a months while other in years. Despite the time spans, these stories tend to be more interesting and a compulsive page turner primarily due to the level of details provided by the author. The same cannot be said for the second type of stories.

See below for the synopsis of the stories.

  1. Stuck on You: A chance meeting between Jeremy and Arabella leads to a fling and then a marriage proposal. After the marriage proposal, Jeremy goes hunting for a engagement ring in De Beers.
  2. The Queen’s Birthday Telegram: When Albert Webber turns 100, he receives a telegram from the Queen. Three years later, Albert’s wife Betty turns 100. But she doesn’t receive the telegram and Albert is concerned.
  3. High Heels: Alan Penford investigates an insurance claim by Lomax Shoes Ltd. Although it looks like an open-and-shut case, he feels otherwise!
  4. Blind Date: Charlie is blind. While enjoying coffee in his regular restaurant, a lady sits in the adjacent table. He starts a conversation with her while trying to conceal his blindness.
  5. When there’s a will *: Evelyn Mertzberger migrates to Los Angeles and makes a living as an escort. After her 40th birthday, she shifts to Florida to earn a diploma in nursing. She searches for a retirement home to swindle an old man of his wealth.
  6. Double-Cross: Kevin Bryant is sentenced to prison for diamond robbery. Detective Inspector Matthews comes up with an ingenious way to retrieve the missing diamonds.
  7. I will survive: Julian Farnsdale runs an antique store. A famous singer visits all his neighboring stores.
  8. A good eye: In the second half of 1600s, Hans Julius Grebenar meets a talented artist. The artist and Grebenar influences the history of the city.
  9. Members only: Sidney Chapman wins a golf set from the Southend Rotary Club. Little does he know how this unwanted prize is going to change the life of his son Robin.
  10. The undiplomatic diplomat *: Percival Arthur Clarence Forsdyke comes from a long line of distinguished diplomats. However, he has been relegated to office work because of his past undiplomatic behavior. After retirement, he plans to be worthy of his family name.
  11. The luck of the Irish *: Liam Casey, a real estate agent, goes on a holiday to Magaluf to impress his girlfriend. While holidaying, he takes an interest in the real estate business there. His luck changes for good. But will it hold?
  12. Politically correct: Arnold Pennyworthy is suspicious of his new neighbor and he calls up Scotland Yard.
  13. Better the devil you know: The Chairman of a successful bank meets Mr De Ath who makes an offer. Will the wheeler-dealer emerge as a winner this time?
  14. No room at the inn: Richard Edminston is short on cash after touring Italy for over an year. He is looking for cheap accommodation.
  15. Caste-off *: Jamwal and Nisha meets at a red light and a car race ensues. So begins a love story that transcends caste barriers.

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  1. heard they are planning to make a movie out of that story with indian setting..

  2. @Harish - I googled their name and it turned out to be real life personalities. Some of the aspects of their love life has been fictionalized. It is an interesting read! But it will be tedious watch if it gets translated as a movie!


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