The Day after Diwali.

Every passing day, my daughter surprises me with pearls of wisdom! Prior to Diwali, she was clear on how the celebrations had to be carried out! “We will only celebrate Diwali. No crackers will be used”. This was her specific instruction. When I looked at her questioningly, she offered an explanation. “There will be lots of black. Everywhere it will be black. It is bad”. I was happy for this was the result of her introduction on pollution from her school. Now that the supreme authority in the house has spoken, this also translated to saving on crackers. So, I was elated. As with all good things in life, it did not last! Her determination eroded at the first sound of bursting crackers on Thursday! The saving on crackers never materialized!

The wide road that runs in front of our apartment (and other apartments) was used for bursting crackers. Yesterday was a colorful day! There were all kinds of fire crackers. Rockets were being launched from the center of the road and the embers from the rockets showered into many apartments. The sight was scary. But how do you celebrate Diwali without a few mishaps? It is even easier to remember the day of the mishap. “You know, it happened on Diwali ‘10”. With that simple statement, the onus is on the listener to find out the exact date!

A look it into the neighborhood the day after Diwali is akin to getting up the next day after a successful drinking party! You have made a mess of the place. Luckily, our caretaker is good. He cleaned up the ruckus in front of our apartment before any of us woke up. The same was not the case with other apartments.

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  1. Ah...the pearls of wisdom vanish with the sights and sounds of Diwali! Can't blame her. Anybody would fall for it ;P

  2. Happy Diwali to you and your family.We also don't like to burst crackers, and sweets also we never buy, because as it is we get some from people as gifts, so only lights for us.
    Only this time I wanted to light up the house both inside and outside, I thought it might be very expensive, but luckily, it was quite reasonable. and we have been having lights for 3 days now and that light fellow has still not come to take them off.

  3. @RGB - I agree! It was fun to see how long the resolve lasted. :)

    @Rama - Happy Diwali to you too. Enjoy the lights and I pray the light fellow take his own sweet time to collect it back. :)

  4. Happy Diwali to you and your in sharjah crackers r banned..


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