The “Easy Cabs” woes

Yesterday, I received a email from a friend. She had a very bad experience with Easy Cabs. Easy cabs is one of the many cab services that sprang up during the past few years. She had booked a cab on November 14th. She received the SMS with the driver details once the booking was completed.  But, when she called up the driver, the car had broken down. So, she contacted Easy Cabs again. The booking agent sent a SMS with the new driver details in an hour. This time, the car in perfect condition. But the driver had another pickup at the same time. So, she contacted Easy Cabs again. This time, there were no cabs available. There was nothing she could do now as it was late in the night!

I was surprised to read her email, strongly advocating against Easy Cabs. I dismissed it as a rare occurrence till I spoke to my friend on the phone yesterday. Around 9:30 pm, he was on his way to the railway station to drop his neighbor. His neighbor had booked a cab through Easy Cabs. The driver bailed out at the last minute!

Is this a problem with the cab services industry as a whole? Or is it Easy Cabs alone at fault?

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  1. I had very good experience with FAST TRACK cab service (It's operational only in Bangalore, Chennai I guess)

    CAB will reach to your spot 10-15 mins before the actual time. Not even once I had experienced last minute denial. So, I guess EASY CABS need improvement to maintain standards.

  2. It may have been an exceptional case

  3. Could be one incident. But if you complain there are times they blacklist you and never answer you calls! So keep another cab service number handy.

  4. @pRasad - I have been using Meru Cabs for the past 3 months. It has been going good for me.

    @BKC - I also thought this was an exceptional case until my second friend complained.

    @Radha - Don't scare me! As a friend, you should encourage me to write about these! :)
    PS: I don't use Easy Cabs. :)

  5. Meru cabs are quite good, we have always used that. And we know cab driver who drives a Tata car, and he is very good and known to us and we always ask him to come, if he is not busy elsewhere.

  6. Havenot had much experiences with them, whenever i come its for company work so dont get to use these cars:)

    cant comment much
    thought i love there driving and the way they go past the traffic yiiii haaaaa


  7. @rama - I have no complaints with Meru so far.

    @Bikramjit - :)

  8. Guddoo (delhi, south delhi)
    I was a reguler costomer to easy cabs mene once time
    booking k liye phone to pr unka bat krne ka trika bilkul useless jese lga udar beer party chal rhi ho unhone meri call pr koi dhyan nhi diya
    phir mene apni prsnl car bulai
    inko apne staff pr shi se dhyan dena hoga.

  9. This is in reference for booking done from Imax Wadala to Ghatkopar East at around 1 pm in the afternoon for the pick up at 10 30 from the mentioned destination with the booking Id no. of A07160884. After receiving the confirmation of the booking i have been making calls to the customer care regarding the details of the cab and the driver but somehow couldnt get through the number. Trying my luck for almost 2 hrs, i considered myself lucky enough to get through the number but nobody answered the call for a good 5 mins. Still after the stipulated time i wasnt updated or contacted for the pick up i called the customer care regarding the status on the same, i was told that the booking was cancelled. On asking for the reason for the same, the customer care executive gives me an excuse of the server working slow. i travel by prepaid cab service quite often and easy cabs this time was my first experience which turned out to be pathetic.
    Due to an unexcused reason of technical error, i forbid myself to use Easy cabs service anytime in the future. The status of the cancellation of the booking is sent to my number at 12 in the midnight.

  10. I had been studying in Bangalore for four years. Never had any problem.


  11. @Megs - The Easy Cabs have been notorious in their customer service. You are lucky not to have faced this. :)


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