Hidden Kitchen: Sher Khan Hotels

For over six months, I have been seeing a giant hoarding announcing this hotel on my way to work. A few months back, I also drove past this hotel when I took an unexpected turn on my way to work. The location was a major turn off. So, I never tried this restaurant. When my friend mentioned this place yesterday, I was skeptical. But when he gave rave reviews, I decided to try it out.

Although they are not high on the oomph factor, the food will make up for it. I had mutton sheekh kabab and mutton biriyani. The sheek kabab was grilled well and soft. It melted in melted along with my initial skepticism about the place. The mutton biriyani was revelation. The mutton pieces were cooked and soft unlike the rubbery and hard to chew mutton served in many restaurants.

This is indeed a hidden kitchen. You may have passed this area many times. But you will never notice the restaurant unless you are looking for this. The restaurant is located near the intersection of 24 Main road and 7th cross road in HSR Layout, Bengaluru.

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  1. think i ve seen this place.. will check it out.. it is difficult to get good non veg in bangalore.

  2. @Harish - You should try out Anjappars in Koramangala. It is easy to find a non-veg restaurant in Bengaluru. According to my experience so far, there are a lot of options available.

  3. Thanks for the info trivia, since you mentioned my fav dish need to visit the place.

  4. The grilled chicken here, my cousin said, tastes awesome. I tried the Kalmi and it was good.

  5. On my last vacation , i had grilled spicy chicken at sherkhan hotel,that i never tasted before. I also tried keema kaleji on any one one of Hotel In Indore,that was testes delicious.


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