Is Cancer on the rise?

Today, a friend was distressed after his classmate succumbed to cancer. My friend had recently crossed 25. So his classmate is of the same age too. It is too young an age to bid goodbye to life. Since this is the second case of cancer among his classmates, my friend was scared. Not only my friend, everyone who knew these two souls are scared.

Is cancer on the rise? It is the question we asked each other.

Has the field of medicine has advanced resulting in earlier detection of these ailments?

Is it the environmental effect?

We don’t have any answers. Do you?

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  1. cancer, heartattack, diabetes.. very common among young these days. may be unhealthy lifestyle..

  2. did they smoke a lot nd eat lotta fatty fud? mebe theyr correlated..

  3. I think its on the rise. I am definite

  4. @Harish - May be!

    @Nandu - They were not leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

    @Sujata - A reason to worrry!

  5. In my opinion, ladies must get a regular check.

  6. Frightening to think such young lives have been snuffed out.

  7. @BKC - Thanks for the comment.

    @Radha - Yes, indeed shaking.


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