Martin Farm, Bengaluru

Martin Farm is situated a kilometer away from Karmelaram railway station. After travelling the railway track past the station, you will come across a green signboard with an arrow beckoning to the quiet farm. Set up in a little over 2 acres, the farm is run by Martin after his retirement as a bank official. Martin has also constructed a house in one section of the property. The rest of the property is devoted to animals and play places. Martin’s son, Gerry Martin, is a mini celebrity.

This is an ideal place for a day trip during weekends with kids. There are hammocks and swings for relaxing. I’m not sure if the farm arranges food. It is better to carry your own food. There is an open air dining room.

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  1. Such are the citizens should be awarded by the govt as they actually make a difference to the society.

  2. i agree with bkc..he always says the right things..

  3. @BKC, @Ramesh - If award is the way to generate awareness and show others a role model, then I agree with you.

  4. I'm so happy to have come across this post of yours.

    Give me these info:

    what is the entry fee?

    How far is this place from sarjapur junction on the outer ring road? I have been to Karmalaram, but not sure about the distance.

    you can leave your replies here, or send it to my mail id:

    Thanks, Nona.

  5. @joshimukard - The entry fee is Rs 100.

    The directions are given in the map that is embedded in the blog post. Kindly use that for finding the driving location. It is hardly a km away from the Karmelaram station.

    You can contact them at 9886169698.

  6. Thanks, Nona. Will visit this place soon and share my experiences here.

  7. I found that this place has somewhat declined now. The lawn is not maintained. Most of the animals look unhealthy and underfed. The hammocks are gone, and the basket ball court is in poor repair

  8. @Anonymous - Thanks for commenting. I am sad to know everything is not as great as it was when I went there! In fact, we had two kids with me and they enjoyed the visit.


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