The Recurring prize

The big companies want to go green. Do the various actions taken for this translate to positive results? That is a question to ponder. But one thing for sure. Most of these big companies are successful in generating awareness among the employees. One such company organized a quiz as part of this initiative. An young girl came up first in the quiz. When she was summoned to collect the prize, she was very excited. She hoped to meet the big shots of the company and a worthy prize.

She hurried down to the reception. There, she was greeted by the receptionist and a group of people. The group of people belonged to a non-profit foundation started for a green earth! The receptionist two plants to her; the kind you can buy from a nursery. The plants were the prize. Keeping her composure and hiding her disappointment, she gracefully accepted the prize.

When she turned back to leave the scene, they gave her another prize, the people from the non-profit foundation had another surprise for her. “Since you came up first in the quiz, you can donate Rs 250 for the foundation…”, said one of the people. Then with a slight pause, the person added, “…monthly”. The receptionist interjected, “You don’t have to worry about it. I can make arrangements to deduct the amount from your salary”.

What happened to the plants? The narrator of this story did not tell me about it. But he did tell me one thing. She was not happy when she came to her seat!

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  1. Lol :-) nice awareness creation method. makes sure employees never forget about going green.

  2. Hmmm! Seems to me that this was more of a go red drive than a go green one :)

  3. WEll who would be , Not very good thing to do , i can understand the plants but charging 250 a month No way , I would have left the plants there and then and walked away ...


  4. @Harish - You mean.. Make sure the "winner" does not forget about going green?

    @Dominic - he he

    @Bikramjit - May be she was too embarrassed to do so??


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