Rude shock in a Pondicherry hotel

Picture 110 There is a reason why I love hotel rooms. I can leave it a mess whenever I go out in the morning. When I come back in the evening, the room will be as fresh as when I stepped into it the first time. The housekeeping staff cleans the room and makes the bed. All these have not been my strengths. So naturally, I’m glad when I get help from expected and unexpected quarters.

During my recent visit to Pondicherry, I was in a for a rude shock when I walked into my room after checking in. The hotel staff had not cleaned up the room after the previous occupant vacated. The checkout time at the hotel is 12 pm. When I walked into the room, it was around 10:30 pm. The hotel staff did not clean up the room on that day! This is surprising. There can only be two reasons. Either they don’t have enough business and runs on bare minimum employees or their staff has not been trained well.

Check the picture to find out the state of the room when I walked in.

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  1. which hotel is this?
    were they apologetic about it?

  2. very surprising incidence and the hotel manager need to apologize for the inconviniences.

  3. Why dont you add ginger to the tags and everywhere else in the article?

  4. That is pretty disgusting. I hope the hotel did something extra to redeem itself. Like not charging you for a meal. Or giving you a bottle of expensive wine. Or whatever.

  5. Oh...that's a sad excuse for hospitality! Did they give you any complimentary upgrades or gifts to make up for their folly?

  6. A very serious reason for you to never go back to this hotel.
    I wouldn't have

  7. I can't believe it happened in Pondicherry. Even hotels in small towns make sure that the rooms are clean.
    Finally what did you do?

  8. @magiceye - They changed me to a new room.

    @Pratibha The Talent - There was a mumbled apology.

    @Ajeesh - Yes, I will. There is more to follow. :)

    @Aparna - No bottle of wine to compensate the oversight by them. Instead there was a mumbled apology and a change of room.

    @RGB - No luck on complementary upgrades or gifts. Only change of room.

    @BKC - I'm not going back there.

    @rama - I informed the guy at the frontdesk. He gave me a new room.

  9. sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share your contact details along with date of stay on


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