Bonjour, Paris

After a never ending struggle for obtaining a work permit in France, I have finally reached Paris. Technically, I’m 5 kms away from Paris in a place called La Defense. But then, why bother on accuracy when I have already travelled more than 5000 kms to reach this place!

The French work permit turned out to be more challenging than any of my previous projects. The work permit has many different stages. First, I submit all the relevant documents along with the application form. These are translated to French before sending them across to the French authorities. Then, you play a waiting game. When the authorities revert, you set up a personal appearance at the local consulate. They stamp the visa on your passport. Voila! You are ready to travel.

Even at the outset, there were delays for me. After submitting the documents on time, there was a delay in sending the document for translation. The French authorities took time to respond. When the work permit was approved, my passport was found to be unsuitable for EU. When I got a new passport, the French consulate gave a personal appearance date that was 40 days away! When I appeared on that day, I was asked to go to a different embassy. So, I guess you get the drift. Finally, I’m here!

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  1. thanks for sharing .. please visit my back

  2. Yo!

    So, comment avez vous, mon ami? Paris is too sexy a city. (Yeah, the women too). I hope you know yoga n stuff to keep control of your mind ;) Kiddi'!

    And the weather? I hears the big freeze is rolling across Europe.

  3. Nice Post, Why cant you try posting in (English)?, they $$$$$ pay $$$$ for top rated articles everyweek !!. You get more visitors too !! Thanks

  4. So you have relocated to France? Thats BIG news!!

  5. @New Zone - Thanks for dropping by! I have checked out your site.

    @ScorpioGenius - I'm undergoing the "acclimatization" process - both personally and professionally. So far, I haven't felt the need to apply my yoga "moves" yet as I have been busy figuring out my way around here. :D

    It is VERY cold, my friend. And they say Jan and Feb are on their way where it gets COLDER. :(

    @Sweatha - Thanks for dropping by and also sharing the information.

    @Sujata - Yes, finally I'm in Paris. With the weather, I really do not know how long I will survive.

  6. Nice.Going by your style, Paris's just the right place I guess. I'm sure u r gonna write a lot on this scintillating place on earth and the experiences it has on offer. Good luck champ.


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