The boy who doesn’t eat rice

A recent addition to my list of friends is a young person who doesn’t eat rice. He jogs every evening which is not a great thing to boast about if you do not take the chilling winter into consideration. Despite the weather, he jogs in the park after coming back from work. So, I attributed his aversion to rice to healthy eating habits. But the real reason came out during a conversation fuelled by moderate dosage of alcohol.

He and his brother were only an year apart because of which his mother went through a hard time coping with two active boys in the house. So, his mother asked his grandparents for help. They relented. As a result, my friend moved in with his grandparents and spent his growing up years there. Grandparents being grandparents, he was treated like a king. He never had to lay a finger on rice. He was fed by them. He never had to dirty his hands!

Now, he hates dirtying his hands. That is the real reason behind the aversion. So, he doesn’t eat rice. He eats rice only while visiting India on vacation where his grandparents or parents or aunts feed him by their hands.

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  1. My kind of man I go for a job every morning, and the chill is for the few seconds after that once the body heats up it doesnot matter how cold it is outside...

    and Good luck to ur young friend running is a good sport,
    and I eat lots of RICE :)
    he hehe


  2. Seems like me..less rice or none at all.

  3. quite a case of pampering...wondering what would happen if this kind of problem afflicted the Indian style of cleaning?

  4. there is a recent technological innovation that helps you in dealing with such situations. its called a spoon :-)


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