Mona Lisa – The smiling chick

The chick has an awesome smile. No doubt about it! Mona Lisa also known as La Jaconda is an enigma. The art historians and art lovers write volumes about Leonardo Da Vinci’s smiling chick. I wanted to see her mainly because of brouhaha generated around the smiling chick. Forget the geometric magnificence and the merging borders. That is beyond me!

Mona Lisa is a highly publicized artwork. This is quite evident in it’s current resting place, Musee du Louvre. In the Denon wing of the museum, there are printed papers with arrows, hung at key places, to direct the visitors to the painting. There were visitors who in a hurry (futilely trying to complete the tour of the entire museum in a day) asking for directions to her. They sounded as if this is the only piece they wanted to see in this museum.

Mona Lisa rests under a protective sheet of glass. She is also separated from the visitors by a wider security perimeter. There are museum officials around this perimeter safeguarding her from visitors. When you enter this room, there is a big crowd in front of the painting. There are also a few stray visitor admiring other pieces of work hanging in the room. I have taken pictures of the videos of the room. As for the picture of Mona Lisa, I do not have a good shot. But, you will find many good pictures of her on the net.

Picture 022 Picture 024 Picture 025 Picture 026 Picture 027

Ironically, the biggest painting in the Louvre hangs across Mona Lisa. This a painting “Les Noces de Cana” by Paolo Caliari dit Veronese. But this giant painting is dwarfed by the smiling chick.

Picture 029

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  1. ah haa MONA lisa , I am not sure if it was the original or a copy but i did see it here in London at the art gallery i think it was brought in for show here ...

    But I can never go to the art gallery i find it so boring...

  2. My God! All those people there to see Monalisa smiling? :D And you too!!

  3. nice post..its a pity that u could not take a snap of her..and now u r making us admirers of Mona Lisa

  4. @Bikramjit - The original resides in Louvre museum as far as I know.

    @ScorpioGenius - Yes! I ended up as just another face in the crowd. :)

    @Tomz - Thanks. You will find many pics of Mona Lisa online.

  5. Mona Lisa was quite a letdown. There are so many other more beautiful paintings at the Louvre. Don't you think so? It said no pictures there and everyone was clicking away. I had dutifully kept mine away, and when I found the guard doing nothing about stopping the others, I took out mine and got a pretty good picture.


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