Movie Review: Megamind

When his home planet is destroyed, an eight day old alien is dispatched to earth along with Minion(David Cross). His journey to earth coincides with that of another alien kid. During the flight to earth, both their lives are intertwined and shows the first signs of conflict. While the former lands in a correctional facility, the latter ends up in a rich home. Another quirk of fate lands both of them in the same school. At school, the former is treated with contempt because of his blue color and an oversized head while the latter is treated with reverence. All attempts by the former to blend in goes haywire. The former decides to adopt the life of a supervillain while latter becomes a superhero. At adulthood, the former is named Megamind(Will Ferrell) while the latter is named Metro Man(Brad Pitt). All attempts of Megamind to thwart the peace of the city named Metro City is thwarted by Metro Man.

When Metro City is celebrating the success of Metro Man, Megamind breaks out of the jail with the help of Minion and kidnaps news reporter Roxanne Ritchi(Tina Fey) right under the eyes of her cameraman Hal Stewart(Jonah Hill). Using Roxanne as a bait, Megamind traps Metro Man inside the city observatory. As the city observatory has copper covering, Metro Man is unable to break free. He dies in the death ray created by Megamind. Without Metro Man to check him, Megamind unleashes chaos in the Metro City. Very soon, the initial elation turns to disappointment. In order to restore peace in the city, Megamind decides to create a superhero from the powers of Metro Man. He injects the power accidentally into Hal. Meanwhile, Megamind impersonates as a museum curator Bernard to conceal his identity from Roxanne and eventually falls in love with Roxanne. All the best laid plans goes berserk!

Tom McGrath directs this animated movie. Despite interesting 3D work and a modest dose of lessons for the young viewers, the movie ends up as only watchable. The protagonist needs an antagonist for effective drama. When the Metro Man dies, there is no antagonist and Megamind loses aim in life. Subsequently, he descends into sorrow. It is in this phase, the movie becomes boring. As for a bad leaf turning good, we have watched this numerous times on the screen before.

If there is nothing else to do, take your kids to the movie. They will enjoy the 3D effects!

Language: English

Genre: Animation

Rating: **

Tags: Movies,Will Ferrell,Tina Fey,David Cross,Brad Pitt,Tom McGrath,Animation


  1. Will surely watch it.

    Happy Christmas & Happy New Year 2011.

  2. good review but there is too much of 3d coming up everywehre its 3d movies ...

    will sruly see if i can watch it


  3. Seems a lot like Enthiran.
    Happy many many New Years to you!


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