Responding to a fire alarm in an underdressed state

Around 2230 hrs on Thursday, I was changing into my sleepwear when I heard a non-stop ringing sound in the hotel corridor. Early to bed, early to rise. That was the plan I had intended to follow. The ringing sound threw a spanner on it. As time progressed, the ringing sound was accompanied by wild shouting in an unidentifiable Asian language and banging of doors. I live in the second floor of a hotel which is predominantly occupied by Asians. When I came out of the room for assessing the situation, everyone was running towards the stairs. So, I grabbed a pullover and a slip-on reluctantly. I also took my empty laptop bag which contained my passport. Then, I joined the multitude on their way to the ground floor.

By the time I reached the ground floor, a crowd consisting of the hotel guests had gathered in the lobby. Some looked like as if they just returned from work with laptops slung over their shoulder. Other were holding their laptops in their hands. The latter group might have dashed towards the ground floor when the alarm sounded. Kids were running around the lobby. Amongst the crowd, I felt naked in my underdressed state suddenly. The chilling cold breeze from the opened doors were making matters difficult for me. To my relief, there were others in various states of undress; the majority of them were women. Some of them had covered themselves with a bathrobe before vacating their rooms. But I felt very happy seeing one particular lady. She had a camisole and a tiny shorts that hardly covered anything.

Her shorts were shorter than mine. She might have been feeling worse than me! Anyways, it was a false alarm. The entire crowd dispersed within minutes.

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  1. Sounds like an intimate escape for all you guys ;)

  2. hm... every small disaster brings with them some bursts of delight. Cheers!

  3. @KG - :) Yes, it was an intimately close escape.

    @Harish - he he he


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