Searching for route de la Demi-Lune

IMG00006-20101201-1255 How tough is it to find “route de la Demi-Lune”? It should be easy? With Google maps, there are seldom any undetectable landscapes in the urban regions. So is the case with any major city in India. If that is the case in India, your confidence of finding the destination in one of the hyperactive business districts of Paris is high. But, I struggled hard to find this street yesterday.

Standing top of the metro station, the first issue was whom to ask for directions. The cab driver was unable to help. His GPS was of no use in the La Defense maze. After burning away my precious Euros, he couldn’t find the place. After this, I walked on top of the underground railway station in the business district to find a suitable person to ask for directions. The information center was closed. The gullible passers by could not help, despite employing two different modes of communication – pidgin English and animated hand movements.

But help came from unexpected quarters – the cops. They directed to me the street. I found the signboard indicating the street after an hour of searching. Although there were buildings on both sides of the street, there were no entrances for walk-ins. I walked back to my newly acquired friends – the cops. They called up my office, found out the exact location along with the best way to reach there by walking and instructed me.

After two and a half hours of wandering, I walked into the office. All the while, I was in a business suit without any of the accessories needed to fight the freezing cold – gloves, muffler, overcoat. Luckily, the thermals were a life saver! Now, I’m lighter by a few Euros after getting all the necessary attire for the cold. But I still do not have the most important weapon – the cell phone!

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  1. Wow, in France. I love France. Profitez, ont fun.have un bon moment en France.:)

  2. This season, it seems Europe is witnessing massive cold.

  3. Great to hear that u are in France. :)
    Hope u have a nice trip. :)

  4. Reading about the bitter cold from all my facebook friends in Europe everyday.So apart from the cops,how are the rest of the French treating you?

  5. Cops are the best way to enquire directions. even in india!

  6. @ZB - Merci, mon ami. :)

    @BKC - That is what I hear too over here! The winter came early.

    @Chandrika - Thank you.

    @Aparna - A couple of friends based in London has been posting their updates on the merciless weather. The French have been treating me well. But so far, I haven't had a chance to explore the city. It has work, work and more work.

    @Harish - True. Isn't service their motto?

  7. Now that you are fully booted and suited, just relax like the French and enjoy your stay there.

  8. Great to know that you are in france..

  9. The office should have picked you up, considering that you are new to the place, shouldn't they?! Lucky you found the cops who could help you. Hope you are enjoying France otherwise :)

  10. @Rama - Thank you! Will try to do that. :) For now, it is very cold.

    @Swatantra - Thank you!

    @RGB - :) Should have... Should have...! Well, it did not happen. I have not started exploring because of the weather.


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