Do you miss me?

Excerpts from a conversation between a dad and (nearly) five year old…

Dad: *with a lot of hope* Do you miss me?

Daughter: Hmmmm… No.

Dad: *regains composure and replies in a weak voice* Okay.

Daughter: *after an uncomfortable silence* What is that? Missing?

Dad: *after thinking a bit* Do you want me to come back home soon?

Daughter: *excited and in a loud voice* Yeah! That is what I ask everyone. When are you coming back? *pause* Is that “missing”?…

Dad: *beams*

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  1. So nice :-) little joys of parenting?

  2. it could be accidental that my latest post is also about missing..:)

  3. :) .... reminds me of all that small talks i had with my dad in my growing years and those i look forward to with my litl one

    - LR (

  4. I guess the dad is missing the daughter more! I bet the daughter has a more active social life and is too busy to miss anybody...

  5. awwww...As parents, we tend to expect kids to reciprocate our love for them, without realizing that they have they own ways to express it. But I guess it's just meant to be that way!

  6. @Harish - :)

    @Tomz - Coincidence! :)

    @Lakshmi Rajan - Thanks for dropping by! I'm glad that my post brought you nostalgia.

    @Sm - :)

    @Aparna - :) She still asks for me. She has been trying to call me on my phone as she knows my cellphone number in India. She hasn't learnt the France number yet!

    @RGB - Yeah true. We would like them to express it in our way. :)

  7. ya touchy...but true life happening..

  8. hey nona u look so diff in this photo yar..haha..the earlier one was looking like some other

  9. @Ramesh - :) There is a gap of 2 years between these photos!

    @PKaruthodi - Thank you.

    @Radha - Not sure. But the feeling was wonderful. :)

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    1. Thank you... for the comment and for being the new follower. :)

  11. this was very cute...this is how it actually goes like many a time!!

    1. So sweet :) feels good when kids say such innocent things!


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