Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen

The happy world of Clyde Shelton(Gerard Butler) comes tumbling down when Darby and Ames breaks into his house one night, rapes and kills his wife and daughter. During the trial, Prosecutor Nick Rice(Jamie Foxx) cuts a deal with Darby. Ames gets a a life sentence and Darby a reduced sentence. Nick is convinced this being best way for justice instead of letting the criminals go free because of inadequate evidence. Clyde is shattered to hear this.

Ten years later, Nick witnesses the execution of Ames using the lethal injection. During the execution, something goes wrong and Ames dies a miserable and painful death. So, Nick and his team race against time to identify the perpetrator. They conclude Darby as the next victim. Before they could reach Darby, Clyde lures Darby into an abandoned warehouse. At the warehouse, Clyde brutally murders Darby after hacking him into pieces methodically while keeping him in full senses to feel the pain.

Following Darby’s murder, the police arrest Clyde. Clyde is moved to a prison where Nick meets him. During the meeting, Nick realizes Clyde has changed over the years and is a difficult man to apprehend. He also has an agenda which is not clear. Soon, more lives are taken in the outside world of those who are connected to the prosecution of Darby and Ames while Clyde is imprisoned. What is Clyde’s agenda and how is Clyde able to perform all these gruesome murders forms the rest of the story.

F Gary Gray directs this unimpressive thriller. The movie picks up momentum when Clyde reveals his transformed self. From there, it is a cat and mouse game between Clyde and Nick where the former has an upper hand. Then the movie loses steam. The viewer loses interest when the whole mystery is solved because it is so preposterous. Towards the major part of the movie, Clyde’s character is difficult to read because of ambiguity behind his motives. What is driving  him? Revenge or Madness?

Gerard Butler as Clyde is impressive. Clyde has all the happiness in life till his world shatters. Then he is lost. After this, he quietly turns into a mean man. All these various phases are effectively capture by Gerard. Jamie Foxx has nothing much to do in this movie. Moreover, we have seen him playing similar helpless roles before.

Skip it.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: **

Tags: Movies,Gerard Butler,Jamie Foxx,F Gary Gray,Thriller


  1. on a movie watching spree?.. nice. :-)

  2. @Harish - There has been a slump in posting all the reviews. I'm trying to catch up. :)

  3. I like this thriller, by what you have said, but you have also said to skip this movie in the same breath, is it so boring ?

  4. @Rama - The movie has an interesting premise. But it eventually turns out to be a dull experience!


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