Movie Review: Little Fockers

Greg Focker(Ben Stiller) and his wife Pamela(Teri Polo) are now proud parents of 5 year old twins, Henry and Samantha. Greg has been promoted to a management position at his hospital. Greg and Pamela are planning the birthday party for their kids. Greg’s mom, Roz Focker(Barbra Streisand), is now a successful TV anchor of a popular chat show. She will be attending the party. But his father Bernie Focker(Dustin Hoffman), who took off to Spain to learn Flamenco and find his true calling, will not be attending the birthday party.

Meanwhile, Teri’s parents, Jack Byrnes(Robert De Niro) who is also a retired CIA operative and Dina Brynes(Blythe Danner), are getting ready to attend the birthday party. The week before the trip to meet his grandchildren, Jack is angered when he hears the news of his older daughter’s divorce. In the agitated condition, Jack suffers an heart attack. But he survives the dangerous phase with his fortitude. He then calls up Greg and appoints him the caretaker of the family. He also christens him “GodFocker” over the phone. In order to secure the family, Greg has to provide a proper education and also a sound financial house for his kids.

Will Greg succeed in doing this with an overbearing father-in-law breathing down his neck? Kevin Rawley(Owen Wilson), Pamela’s super rich ex-boyfriend and Andi Garcia(Jessica Alba), super hot medical representative for an erectile dysfunction drug Sustengo, make matters worse for Greg.

Paul Weitz directs this comedy which is third installment of “Meet the Parents”. The movie leaves the viewer with a sense of deja vu as we have seen most of the comedy and drama before. Eventually, it provides a few isolated laughs. The movie tries hard at several places – Greg and Jack are mistaken for a gay couple, Greg and Andi gives an enema to a fat patient, Greg’s son catches Greg holding Jack’s penis, Pamela admonishing her mom to keep the volume down while making love and much more. The movie has only one thing going for it – the ensemble cast. Throw in the appearances by Harvey Keitel and Laura Dern and the movie does have a lot of stars to boast! As for performances, there is nothing to write about.

Wait for this on DVD or skip it.

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

Rating: **

Tags: Movies,Ben Stiller,Robert De Niro,Dustin Hoffman,Owen Wilson,Jessica Alba,Paul Weitz,Comedy


  1. hahah As for performances, there is nothing to write about.that line says it all...


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