NYE 2011

For the past few years, I have been accused of slacking during New Year’s Eve. During last year, I was frantically searching for an auto rickshaw in HSR Layout to get home sooner after gruesome day at work. Luckily for me, I reached on time to be with the family. We quietly welcomed 2010 inside the safe confines of our home. This year, being away from home, I had initially planned to go to bed early and quietly step into 2011 without much fanfare. Thanks to my new friends, the plan changed.  But when I stepped out of the hotel, little did I know that I was going to usher in the new year at the most unlikely place!

A dinner followed by a visit to Tour Eiffel. That was the plan. At this time of the year, the area around Eiffel is crowded with New Year revelers. Welcoming NYE there is in fact exciting. There will a lot of stories – sour and happy - of drunken merrymaking to recount later! We also had a bottle of champagne and several champagne glasses. When the clock strikes, the champagne will flow!

The dinner went well and we had 25 minutes to reach Trocadero. On reaching the Metro station, we were surprised to find the crowd waiting to board the trains! The security personnel were deployed to control and restrict the flow of travelers to the platform. After a long wait,  we were allowed into the platform. But when the train arrived, it was impossible to step in. While we were scrambling to board the bus, the new year arrived!

Eventually, we went to Musee de Louvre. It was a good venue to open the bottle of champagne!

See below for pictures and videos.

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  1. My God it seems to be worse than India, at least on NYE.
    But I am glad you enjoyed with your new found friends, otherwise imagine it would have been so boring going to bed early and waking up to a brand New Year in a new country.
    Again Happy New Year!

  2. @Rama - Metro inside the city is crowded on a normal day! On New Year's Eve, the metro is free for a few hours for convenience (and probably for protection against vandalism spurred by alcoholic consumption!).

    Thanks to my newfound friends, New Years's Eve was indeed eventful and joyous. :)


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