Shatter the dishes for good luck!

The floor of the Greek restaurant was strewn with broken pieces of porcelain dishes. I stepped carefully so as to avoid stepping on them. Why didn’t they clean this place? I wondered. I have witnessed similar mishaps in other restaurants. But, the hotel staff were quick to clean up the evidence immediately. So, it was surprising to see the floor covered with leftover from an earlier unfortunate incident.

I seated myself at a table while watching the live band at work and also three women dancing near the band. I presumed them to be performers. But two of them turned out to be the diners. As soon as the song ended, these two women returned back to their table. In between the song, there was a distinct sound of another dish crashing on the floor.

This is silly as there were evidently a lot of waiters in the restaurant where were either careless or possessed slippery fingers. Yet, I was only one who seemed disturbed by this fact. All the people at the other tables were unperturbed. So I looked towards the direction from which the sound originated. There were no waiters serving in that section. Also, the section was near the entrance.

When the noise of another dish hitting the floor was repeated after a few minutes, I could not contain my curiosity anymore. I waved at one of the waiters and asked him the reason when he came over to my table. “For good luck!”, replied the waiter. The answer calmed me down. There was a guy at the entrance who was throwing the dish at intervals and also inviting the passersby to come in.

I spent a little over an hour at the restaurant. It was easy to identify the pattern behind the dish throwing. It coincided with a lady stepping into the restaurant. More than good luck, it was an effective way to signal the men inside to turn around and check out the lady. Men will be men; always helping the brethren!

At least 5 dishes were broken in one hour. But, where is the money for these dishes coming from? Is it charged as part of the menu? Are these dishes so cheap?

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  1. I have seen Greeks break plates in movies,in weddings to signify the breaking of the past and starting of a new life together. It is also supposed keep evil spirits away from the celebration as they are fooled into thinking why go to a place which already in chaos.
    Greeks are very loud people, like our own Punjabis, who like to be very open, loud and friendly.
    I saw this in the movie "My Big Fat Wedding".
    But now I believe they have stopped practicing this ritual, and their weddings although are loud as ever but it is in other ways just like the regular weddings.
    I can imagine how shocked and irritated you must have been to hear constant breaking of plates.

  2. Wow! seems an interesting practice. i really am in need of some better luck. :-)

  3. ya interesting practice...beliefs boss beliefs

  4. mmm never heard of it, strange practice.

  5. @Rama - I was also thinking of "My Big Fat Wedding"! I had seen that movie and love it too! Yes, I was irritated at the onset! When I found out the reason, it become enjoyable! :)

    @Harish - Try breaking some dishes and let me know your luck changed. :p

    @Ramesh - Your faith will save you! :)

    @Vrinda - Thanks for dropping by! Yes, it is strange for us! :)

  6. Its, strange, but its interesting...and I like your take on the WHY of it. ;)

  7. Breaking dishes for luck? I'd rather like to believe your version, to get the men to notice the new female entrants! Interesting insight, anyway :)

  8. Strange customs. Can understand if it is done at a wedding, but on a regular basis at a restaurant?

  9. @Sakhi, @RGB - Thank you. The guy at the door is conforming to the rules and also creating a secret code. :)

    @Radha - Yes, it is done on a regular basis.


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