Shortcut to God

Is there a shortcut to God? If my mother were to answer this, it would be an emphatic no! That also explains the long hours spent in queues to catch a glimpse of God at the various temples I have accompanied her. The longer you wait tirelessly, the sweeter is the result. That is her philosophy.

But there are shortcuts to God. A decade ago, I bypassed the long queue to catch a glimpse of god at one of the famous temples in Kerala. The friend, I was with, knew a priest in the temple. Though the priest was at the bottom rung of the hierarchy, he was still able to get us in without having to wait in the queue.

I agree this was a special case. Recently, I listened to a fellow expatriate recounting his experience in Shirdi. When he visited the temple, he found two lines; one of which was called a shortcut. Using the shortcut, you can still see the deity but from far. But it was a very short queue. Being a resourceful man, he chose the shortcut. But he used his digital camera to zoom in and have a closer look! He claims he had the best sight in the shortest time!

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  1. Seeing at the funds these temple/trusts hv, I really wonder how much more money they want to make by offering all sorts of shortcuts!! I agree with your mom, go for longcuts :)

  2. Yes, Gods also give 'Special darshan' if you pay 'premium' or use 'back door entry'.

  3. @VineetasDairy - :) Thank you.

    @SAR - Yeah! I have heard about those!


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