Thou shall not offend thy manager

“I don’t want to offend my manager”. That is how my young friend rationalized his behavior! With so many horror stories about middle management, you would be surprised when you hear such statements. Before you start wondering what it was all about, let me tell you. The conversation took place between my friend and his mother.

It was not about the long hours he has to put in. It was about his newly acquired taste for liquor. Now, there is a even bigger question hidden beneath the rationalization. Why do men have to rationalize this behavior to their mom? As I’m do not posses the right technical expertise to answer this, let us say there was a need and move on.

Obviously his mother wasn’t happy about this newly acquired trait. But, my friend presented his defense. His organization throws a lot of parties. Everyone drinks at these parties. He doesn’t want to be the odd man there! I wish I was working for the same firm for I have not heard of a better fun-filled workplace!

“You can drink juice. No?”. Pat came the counter-argument. Anyone who argues with a woman should have better sense! They are no theory which is entirely foolproof when you present it to a woman! But I’m sure he had a fitting reply to this question – a specific answer or an evading counter-question.

During those days, my friend was working in Mumbai, a city far away from his parent’s house. His mother visited his bachelor abode one day. She met most of his friends during that visit. All his friends were from the same firm. There she found a teetotaler among his friends. She had only question for him. “Don’t your manager feel bad when you don’t drink during parties?”.

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  1. where there is a will there is way
    politely say No.

  2. thought provoking especially in today's corporate culture..

  3. hahahaha!! I wish I could see the guy's face that time :))))

  4. @SM - In my friend's case, there was a will. The will to say yes!

    @Tomz - :) First of all, there aren't many parties like this in the industry! Second, there are people who say No!

    @Vineeta's Diary - :)

  5. No, but i feel being a teetotaler is an in-thing...In my office and other friends i know, most of them want to quit smoking/drinking permanently... I feel, atleast smoking is going to be so 20th century....may be the friend is a malayali...for an average malayali being a teetotaler is equal to being impotent....

  6. There are people who say no quite firmly. My husband is one of them. He is the most boring guy in his corporate circle. I love him for it!

  7. Hmmm It is tough world out there and sometimes we become helpless!!

  8. @Strange - :)

    @ZB - Strong words! :) But I agree most malayalis love to drink.

    @Aparna - :)

    @Talha - Thanks for dropping by. :)

  9. Nice post. I have had cousins who were all in the army/ navy, and none of them would ever touch any hard liquor, they were neither obliged or had any fascination to acquire this addiction. Many people would have at least been an occasional drinker, or drinking for company's sake, but they never felt the need to do so. We all really admire them in our family.
    They used to tell us how they were made in charge of the bar because, they would be the only ones not drinking. Two of them have retired as Generals,one would soon be retiring.
    There are people like them too, not finding some flimsy excuse to get into this habit.
    My father never drinks, but ironically he would have to test all the liquor being sent to the army, and he did it, for he was the Scientific officer, (food technologist) without his seal of approval no drinks or for that matter any food items could ever reach the army.
    Now my father is almost 89, and is still active and manages his own affairs without anybody's help.

  10. Mom's are always mom's, their children are never too grown up for them :)

  11. @Rama - Thanks for sharing this information about your dad. It is clearly evident from his example that it is resolve that matters!

    @Vaz - Yeah true. :)


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