Books: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell

This book is a compilation of articles written by Tucker Max. Tucker Max runs a website where he regularly blogs. He also uses his website to meet members of the fairer sex. He writes about encounters with women and the drunken trysts with his friends. Sex and drunken behavior prominently appears throughout the book.

Tucker unapologetically writes about the first time he had anal sex, how he tried to film it and the ensuing disaster. The disaster is not about getting caught but about how he got caught! Tucker also has insecurities. Yes, a man like him also have insecurities. With a long list of women in his life, he is unsure if he had sex with a man! But, why is it difficult to find out? It is in fact and a gay man explains it to Tucker. Tucker have many casual buddies. Since he knows what they are up to even when some of them are on their way to a date, he often wonders whether he was at the receiving end at any time during his life! That worries Tucker.

Hidden between all the vomit, urine, poop and sperm, there are funny incidents that don’t gross you out. Can you get to it? It depends on your tolerance level. The writing style is easy and funny. Finally, it is a book for the guys from an alpha male. Men can relate with this book more; not because they have experienced what is written in the book. But these are the topics of discussion when your tongue is loose after alcohol intake.

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  1. The books could have been better titled 'VUOPS' on the funny phrase you used in the last paragraph


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