Can you confirm if I will be satisfied with this?

Today, the cafeteria featured French hamburger. One look at the patty and the decision was made. I’m going to order it, bite into it and enjoy it’s journey from my mouth to my intestine.

But the young gun, who joined me for lunch, was hesitant! He asked “Will it be filling?”. As this is a general question, I kept staring at the delicious patty, teasing me from the plate. Then, he repeated the question but this time edging closer to me. This is when I realized the question was aimed at me. He was looking for a confirmation from my side.

I understand the customer, the manager and your co-worker are all asking for confirmation on the work deliverables. But a confirmation on the hamburger? Aren’t we taking this work thing a little too seriously?

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  1. Hope the hamburger was worth every calorie. To be fair to the young gun, it takes a lot to fill a young stomach.

  2. @Aparna - he he! It was weird. It was as if I knew the answer and he was pressing me for a positive response. :)


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