Does he really deserve credit?

My friend sounded distressed. He had delivered just a project and was expecting a word of encouragement from the customer. But there was none and he panicked.

I cooled him down. On second thoughts, I thought I was cooling him down. So, I ended up asking a question and as usual, I summarized.

“So, your customer wanted this deliverable two months back. You delivered this two days back?”

“Yes”. And he continued, “ But the customer did not tell us what they needed until two months back!”.

I couldn’t help asking. “So, they wanted it two months back. Okay, they were late in telling you exactly what they needed. So, you ended up delivering half of it two days back. The rest of it will be delivered only two months from now. And you expect a pat in the back for half the real work”.

He replied without hesitation. “You are right! I do!”

Does he really deserve credit for this? In my opinion, he did not deliver what was expected. So, he should not be expecting a commendation!

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  1. The client may need a bigger pat for being so clueless.


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