“eye”raq or “ee”raq

How do you say “Iraq”? Does it sound like “eye”raq or “ee”raq?

I was listening to an episode of Fresh Air featuring Matthew Alexander who served as a senior military interrogator in Iraq. Throughout the interview, he kept saying “eye”raq.

I always say “ee”raq. But I may be wrong! Then, there is nothing to worry.

But if Matthew and his fellow Americans have got it wrong, then there is something fundamental missing in the whole equation. Matthew is an interrogator and needs to build the trust with his source to weed out intelligence. How do you expect to build trust when you can’t get the name correctly?

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  1. I used to spell it E-raq with a strong emphasis on the r syllable..

  2. Americans are crazy, they cannot pronounce any word correctly, I am sorry to say but they are really dumb. I think we are the only people who can speak like an American while we are in America and speak like the English while we are in England. We are too forward and intelligent for most countries. I suppose it is in our genes, we are naturally adaptable. What do you say?


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