Getting the girl’s dad to say “Yes”

Falling in love is dangerous especially if you have to get the consent of parents to get married. Although I have heard all kinds of stories about getting the parents to say “yes”, all of these were vague on what exactly clinched the deal! A friend detailed his experience which involved two religions and two regions. How complicated can it get?

He is from Maharashtra. She is from Kerala. He is Hindu. She is Christian. Cupid struck. All is well till then they decides to take the next step. They want to get married. Now the families come into the picture. His family is okay with this. Her family is not okay with this.

So, he visits her dad. Her dad is very polite. In the first round of discussion, her dad tells him, “You are a good boy”. This is immediately followed by the next request. “This union is not good. I request you to consider as a sister”.

I cracked up at this stage. But he continued with the story without revealing his reaction to this absurd request.

He says, “Sorry”. Her dad insists. But he is like a rock; immovable. The discussions go on and on. Finally, her dad says. “I’m worried about her education. She has two more years to complete her graduate degree. What happens to her education after she marries?”. He understands the concern.

Now, he is happily married to her. They have a son. He also “funded” the last few years of her education.

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  1. Maybe the father agreed when the boy agreed to fund his daughter's education: that is really weird.

  2. Strange...after so much opposition he agreed just like that.


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