I’m from UK

“I’m from UK”, he said extending his hands to me. I shook his hands with bewilderment.

He spoke confidently and the tone implied he was born and raised in UK. But his accent betrayed him. The accent had heavy traces of Delhi and Haryana.

He and his friends burst out with laughter seeing the expression on my face.

Then, he clarified. “I’m from UttaraKhand… UK”.

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  1. :)) good one! btw.. I heard this UK is a beautiful place!

  2. Very funny indeed. The expression on you face too must have been funny. Good one.

  3. haha uttarakhand!!!i am from MAD thats madras earlier chennai now..

  4. In my part of the country UK means Uuru ( or Ooru) Kuka ( meaning country dog) - which dog owners would say if their dog was not a pedigree!! Not sure if the term is still prevalent!

  5. I once asked a man where he is from, he stammered Pppp...

    I said Punjab, he said no its Ppppp...
    I said Pakistan, he said no its Pppp....
    I said Poland, he said no Ppppp....pata nahi

  6. @VineetasDiary - Yes, I hear so too. :)

    @MagicEye - :)

    @Rama - I was a bit lost initially.

    @Ramesh - Hello "MAD" person

    @Harish, @Swatantra, @Neena - :)

    @Radha - I hope the one from UK does not find out about this!

    @Pesto Sauce - That was funny.


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