Let’s cook dinner…

A friend invites me to cook dinner at his place. After reaching his room, we quickly decides on what to cook.

Me: Sambhar?

Friend: *excited* Yes. I have the recipe with me.

Me: *impressed* Show me.

He shows me the recipe. I read it quickly. It is simple and neat – toor dal, drumstick, brinjal, potato, tamarind and the list went on.

Me: Nice. Do you have toor dal?

Friend: No.

Me: Do you have brinjal?

Friend: No.

Me: Do you have tamarind?

Friend: No.

The nays did not end there. Now, he has gone shopping. I’m waiting for him.

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  1. ha, ha....ROFL! Some idea of cooking he seems to have had!! What was you friend planning to cook anyway, without any of these ingredients?!

  2. @Rama - Don't. We managed to cook sambhar. :)

    @RGB - Well, he was excited to cook! I'm sure he will have all the ingredients ready when he invites me over next time. :)

  3. There was a sambar pack that once gave directions like the one you had listed out. And the last line was ... Add the dhal to the mixture and you will achieve sambar.
    Glad you achieved your sambar finally!


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