Why is it hard to decide the right audience for our message?

My colleagues have a different working style which is evident from the recent communication over the email. The subject in question was the review of a functional specifications. Although I rate my area of expertise way above this mundane document, it was the need of the hour! Sometimes, it is good to go back to your roots. The email was was marked directly to a set of people and also cc-ed the email to another set of people.

The people, who were marked directly, could have contributed to the review process. Among those who got a copy of this email, there were persons who where at least 2 levels up in the hierarchy as compared to the sender. I wonder what was the reason to include such a person! After all, it was for reviewing the functional specification. Typically, a person who is 2 levels above the sender would be reviewing the contracts, the profitability, the penalties, the operational efficiency etc. On top of it, such a person has employees in the range of 100-150 reporting under him. Will such a person be able to read and comment on a functional specification? If the person can do it, isn’t it counter productive?

At work, I constantly struggle with organizing and responding to my emails. Sometimes, there are issues addressed to me for which I will not be able to contribute. In such cases, I make it clear to the sender. But this happens as a feedback. Coming back to root of the problem, why is it hard to decide the right audience for our message?

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  1. It is annoying getting a mail that is not really meant for you. A little care is all that is required when you mark a mail.


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