Books: The Big Short

In the financial meltdown of 2007, not all people lost money. There were a few people who predicted doom very early on by having a closer look at the events in the financial markets. Michael Lewis chronicles their life in the years of these people in the years till the precipitation of the calamity. In this book, Michael details the lives of Steve Eisman, Michael Burry, Jamie Mai and Charles Ledley along with a few others. Although these men saw how this drama will eventually unfold, it was not easy for them. In the overly optimistic atmosphere that characterized the years before the crisis, it was difficult to hold on to one’s money and also the faith of the investors.

Michael’s theme is perseverance in the face of adversity. He translates the complex world of finance into simple words that almost makes it comprehensible even for a layman. Yet, the financial packages created by various institutions are so complex that simpler words is not sufficient and the reader sometimes gets a vertigo while trying to understand it. But when it comes to detailing the struggle of his subjects, Michael succeeds.

This is recommended if you have a bit of understanding of the world of finance, and also if you are looking for inspiration in the face of adversity.

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