How do we ensure gender equality?

I was so worried in the morning! Today is the Women’s day! But is there a similar occasion for men? Yes, there is! November 19th is the International Men’s day! I’m relieved now. Finally, my kind has a day! Frankly, it is not a day marked for celebrating womanhood that bothers me! Of late, we have a day marked for celebrating one thing or the other! We might run out of days in an year to celebrate. Again, I’m not bothered by this!

These days, employers want to ensure gender equality in their organizations. What bothers me is how they go about it. Everyone wants gender equality. It is your talent that matters; not your gender. But how can you implement this? Declare an edict - “Any team should have a homogenous composition of men and women”. Is that the way to go about it? If so, how is it different from reservation?

“I will not take women in my team”, said my friend. It was in the middle of conversation dealing with appraisals, long work hours and performances. “The kind of deals I sign cannot be implemented by working on regular work hours. Everyone needs to work long hours most of the time! Then, why bother taking women with time constraints!”. How do you address this? Believe me! Even though there is prejudice attached to the statement, there is also a bigger issue here; the workload committed by organizations. What do we address first? The prejudice or the way we work?

Footnote: I was not shocked by my friend’s statement because this was at the tail end of the conversation. The major blow have already been delivered. My friend was given a few resumes. In 20 seconds, he had shortlisted the candidates. He had shortlisted by glancing at the names and guessing the gender!

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  1. When late hours are involved, women are not preferred. seen in many organizations

  2. and now this is one of the serious concerns of the whole world society

  3. That's true - happens so often these days


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