Movie Review: Drive Angry

John Milton(Nicolas Cage) chases three men on his car through the streets of a sleepy little town in Colorado. During the chase, the car carrying three men topples. Milton kills two of them and leaves the third after maiming him badly. Milton interrogates the badly maimed man to confess the location of a girl. After this incident, Milton plans his next steps while having coffee in a diner. At the diner, he notices the waitress Piper(Amber Heard) and develops a non-romantic interest in her.

When Piper quits the job after a fight with the owner of the diner, Milton follows her. Her car breaks down on the way to her home. Milton promises to fix the car in return for a ride to the nearest place she can drop him. The nearest place turns out be right next to her house. Piper and Milton part ways. But soon Piper gets into a fight with her boyfriend after seeing him in bed with a naked woman. When Piper is repeatedly hit by her boyfriend, Milton interferes. After knocking her boyfriend unconscious, Milton and Piper set out to Louisiana where the girl is held captive.

Meanwhile at the diner, a mysterious man named “The Accountant”(William Fitchner) turns up. He is tracking Milton and has an unique ability to make people obey him. He gets information about Piper and Milton from Piper’s coworker. He turns up at Piper’s house to see an agitated boyfriend. The Accountant kills him and persuades two cops to join him in the hunt by convincing them he is from FBI. Milton is also being tracked by Jonas King(Billy Burke), a cult leader. Why is the girl being held captive? Why is Milton in search of this girl? Why are these men hunting Milton? All these are answered in the rest of the movie.

Patrick Lussier directs this action movie which tries to scale new heights in absurdity with liberal splashes of nudity and blood. The twists and turns in the plots are visible from a mile away. The movie is in 3D and the director has used cheap techniques in order to make the viewer recoil in their seats. Although the movie revolves around cars and chases, there isn’t a worthy chase in this movie. As for absurd scenes, there are dime a dozen - a girl does a Bobbitt act on the villain with her mouth, Milton giving multiple orgasms to a waitress while the former is fully clothed and fighting a bunch of baddies etc. Among the performers, William Fitchner impresses in the role of “The Accountant” (which might be significantly longer in duration than any of his previous roles). William brings the well needed relief in this enterprise.

Language: English

Genre: Action

Rating: *

Tags: Movies,Nicolas Cage,Amber Heard,William Fitchner,Billy Burke,Patrick Lussier,Action


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