Books: Sacred

Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are kidnapped and brought in front of Trevor Stone. An year back, Trevor’s wife was killed in a carjacking incident. However, Trevor survived the attack and subsequent destruction. Now, he is beset with major health problems and has only a few more months to live. Trevor’s daughter Desiree had difficulty dealing with the resultant grief. Everyone around her has a short life – her mother, her boy friend and her dad, now. After months of unsuccessfully coping with this, Desiree has disappeared. Trevor wants Kenzie and Gennaro to find what happened to her. When Kenzie and Gennaro embarks on this quest, they realize they are up against a devious and an evil mind.

Dennis Lehane follows up the Kenzie-Gennaro series with this which is also the third book in the series. Like his prior works, the writing is brisk and engaging thereby making this an easy read. Unlike his earlier book where social inequality and human bigotry are addressed, this has lesser scope as far the villainy is concerned. Overall, this is not impressive as the other two books in the series. Nevertheless, it takes your mind elsewhere giving you the much needed relief.

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