Movie Review: The Mechanic

Arthur Bishop(Jason Statham) is a professional hit man who works for a secret organization. He leads a secluded life in an undisclosed location hidden by forests and rivers somewhere in Louisiana. Arthur is usually provided assignment and subsequent payments through his mentor and friend Henry MacKenna(Donald Sutherland). One day, Arthur is given an assignment to kill Henry. Recently, Henry had led a failed mission. On investigating further, the secret organization has found bulk payments made into Henry’s account around the time of the failed mission.

Now, Arthur is convinced about Henry’s involvement in the crime. Arthur easily circumvents the security precautions taken by Henry and kills him. Being very close to Henry, Arthur has to live with his action and consequences. When he sees Henry’s estranged son Steve McKenna(Ben Forster) going down the path of self-destruction, Arthur could not restrict himself as an onlooker. He decides to mentor Steve. Steve has the right skills for the job. But he turns out to  be extremely unpredictable. So, Steve’s nature and the secret behind Harry’ death ultimately leads to a lot of complications in Arthur’s life and work.

Simon West directs an updated version of Charles Bronson movie of the same name. The movie works  due to two factors - ubercool Jason Statham and the bad boy Ben Forster. Jason looks lethal during the action scenes and performs them with an attitude as if these scenes are naturally without any efforts. Watch him shooting while running away from his chasers on the rooftop. Ben’s Steve is a restless man who wants to push the limits. He successfully conveys this restlessness. Watch him when he carries out his first hit, disobeying all what his mentor taught him and taking on a man who is double his size. The movie is a visual delight but does not provide any emotional connection to the characters.

Watch it only for Jason Statham and Ben Forster.

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

Rating: **

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