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My friend has put his professional degree at the tail end of his display name on gtalk! A lot of hard work has fuelled the acquisition of this professional degree. There are no doubts in my mind regarding this. But why does he have to constantly display it in an informal environment? A curious me quizzed him.

He explained the theory behind it! He had signed up on Orkut a while back. After browsing for friends, he found his old classmates on the social networking site. He sent them invites through the social networking site. A majority of his old classmates did not accept his invite. One day, he added his professional degree to his display name and also updated the current location rightfully to the Big Apple. Voila! His circle of friends increased dramatically from then on. The earlier hesitant ones added him as a friend.

Does professional degree and location matter in friendship? I’m still not convinced! What about you?

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  1. Who would be in need of such a friend who accepts/rejects you based on your success in life?

  2. hehe.. most probably his friends were amused and they took notice :)

  3. Ninety percent of friends in social networks are not actually friends in that sense.

  4. Yes, Nona, sometimes. But you must limit them to just Orkut. Those guys should not be called a friend.

  5. I agree with Harish.
    I also think that its the way world is thinking today. We don't want losers as our friends, everybody wants an impressive friend's list. Whether those friends ever come and have a chat with you or not doesn't matter.

  6. Strange friends, though I don't buy that theory. You also receive some wedding cards that say so and so ( with a string of degrees) weds so and so ( another string of degrees). Why all that information in the card?

  7. @Ajeesh - I understand your viewpoint.

    @Sajesh - Thanks for posting a comment. I know you read my posts. ;)

    @Harish - The bane of social networks!!! Or should I say networks???

    @JoshiMukard - Hear you loud and clear.

    @JSincro - Thanks for dropping by. Well, isn't a friend a friend regardless of the success he/she has achieved?

    @Radha - The theory is not good enough for you and me. But it is good for him! Now, I don't think I can make him think otherwise!


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