Refusals, Walkouts…

My friend refused to report the status of his tasks to another team member when his manager asked him to. He has his own reasons for doing so. According to him, the other team member has the same number of years of experience as my friend. I differ in this point as I know the experience levels of both! The other team member is couple of years older in the industry and the technology than my friend.

Interestingly, this is not a one-time incident that I have come across. A few months back, a dear friend and a team member had complained to me about the bad old days. During those days, a young gun ,fresh out of college, was in charge of gathering the status of day to day tasks. Overburdened by the anarchy and subsequent stress associated with the everyday work, my dear friend got angry, protested and walked out of the meeting; all because the young gun was asking for status. But then, the young gun was assigned the task of gathering status by the big boss! 

In my opinion, the age factor should not come into picture at all. If you think a person is not capable of doing a task, you are free to raise concerns. But refusal and walkouts, is that justified?

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  1. I have heard of this. But never witnessed a walkout! Never could understand it though.

    As you said, competency should be the judge of it, not how long one has breathed the air-conditioned air sitting by a computer.

  2. @Dominic M - he he! That was a nasty comment at the end. But I agree with the competency part.

  3. Hi there,
    How are you, is Paris treating you well? Sorry, I could not visit your blog earlier. Anyway it is not something i understand, so I cannot comment on this matter.
    Have a great day,Rama.


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