A suspicious girl

Falling in love is a great experience. But trusting your loved one is a tricky business. Does abundance of love creates suspicion as a byproduct?

Recently, two lovers were involved in a texting contest involving things which aren’t even remotely serious to the outside world but deemed utmost important to them. At the event kickoff, the boy was inside his temporary humble abode, a glorified studio apartment, and the girl in her apartment. After a few minutes, the texts emanating from the girl turned ugly with accusations. The boy was unable to understand the reason behind the sudden outburst!

When the dust settled, the situation was clearer. When the texting began, the boy was cooking. He texted the girl about his culinary experiment. Unbeknownst to the boy, the girl decided to surprise the boy with a visit. She continued to text him without revealing her intentions. When she reached the boy’s room, she placed her ears to the door instead of knocking on it. She heard the boy chatting on the computer with a girl.

The anger did not last long and they are back together. Will there be other outbursts? This questions is better unanswered. But what causes suspicion? Any ideas?

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  1. lack of confidence causes suspicion...simple..vallah..pat pat pat..:)

  2. Suspicion, possessiveness, are all toxic unwanted byproducts in a relation.

  3. No trust, no relationship. You need to trust the person ..helps you and your relationship grow.

  4. insecurity may be...dangerous waters i must add..

  5. suspicion and insecurity go hand in hand. but its also smart to be suspicious rather than being taken for a ride

  6. all headaches and time waste!


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