Afraid of pregnant women!

Pregnancy resulting in a lot of issues is not surprising. But the sight of a pregnant woman resulting in a panic attack is indeed something I have never heard before! Though this may sound strange, it is true. There are people who undergoes a panic attack on seeing pregnant women. It is a phobia.

I heard about this for the first time from my colleague. After searching the internet on this subject, he has now become an expert on this subject. If you are wondering on why he decided to invest time and energy into this, let me assure you he has every reason to. His girlfriend suffers a panic attack every time she sees a pregnant women. So, my friend decided to find out more about it. Eventually, he did find one reference to such a case on the internet.

Their story is also laced with irony. The girlfriend love kids. But she can’t stand the sight of pregnant women. She also works in a lingerie store and runs into pregnant women at her work.

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  1. If we search deep there is phobia for almost everything.. this one is particularly strange.


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