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Tubal and Co. is a bank run by the Trevelyan-Tubal family for centuries. At present, the bank is headed by a reluctant Julian Trevelyan-Tubal after his father Sir Harry Trevelyan-Tubal is incapacitated by a stroke. Julian, unlike his dad, ventured into risk bearing initiatives and as a result, the bank has fallen into hard times. Julian is now trying to sell the bank before matters get out of hand. While Julian is closing in for the sale, an obscure newspaper gets hold of this news of the bank’s financial malfeasance by chance.

Justin Cartwright’s novel explores the lives of key family members of the Trevelyan-Tubal family and the people uncovering the truth during the days leading to the sale of the bank. Justin introduces a plethora of characters. Except the last few chapters, all the rest of the chapters are told from the viewpoint of one character without hampering the pace while giving the reader an unique perspective of the proceedings. This technique makes the reading enjoyable. There are winners and losers in this tale, tinged with tragedy, that will surprise the reader.

The aim of book is not to explain the financial crisis. So, the reader should not expect it in this book. The book explores the psyche of people who are unhappy with the current state and is striving to achieve peace and happiness. If you are interested in this kind of genre, this book is recommended.

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