Curry Karaoke Club

“Are you from Kerala?”. That is a question I don’t normally expect to be asked in Paris. So, I was surprised. The person who asked me this question was a Scot whom I met in the laundry! Our conversation veered into cost of living in France, the hesitation of the local people to speak English, backwaters of Kerala and Indian restaurants. The most interesting piece of the conversation was the restaurant “Curry Karaoke” in Glasgow.

There is nothing new about karaoke in a restaurant. But what struck me was the combination of the words curry and karaoke to form a new one. Their website display the work “CurryOke” club. “CurryOke” can translate into “Curry Ok” serving as either a concerned question or a emphatic statement. If you are interested in the restaurant, you can find the link here.

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