A girl with a small bed

Last Saturday, a colleague invited me and another friend over to his home for dinner. It was a welcome change from the otherwise dull weekends plagued with indecision. My colleague is a father of two young girls.

After fighting the initial shyness and hesitation, the three year old younger one showed me her books. One of them featured Dora. When I displayed my knowledge about Dora and Boots, our communication became clearer and connection warmer despite the difference in languages; me speaking English and she French.

When she was retiring to bed at the end of night, she proudly showed me a DVD of Dora. I responded immediately, “Can I watch it too?”. At this point, her father acted as the interpreter. She reacted immediately to the question in French which made her father let out a big laugh. He then turned me and translated her answer. “She says her bed is small”.

Her father explained. She watches the DVD on her bed before going to sleep. Her bed is small to hold two people. This brought a smile on my face. It was an important lesson for me. She narrowed the problem in an instant. I wish such clear thinking is associated with several adults who crosses my path on a day to day basis.

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  1. Kids are up to the point, no beating around the bush :)

  2. it is true, kids are honest and wish i never grew up


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