It is always the women who ask...

It is always the women who ask! The men don't! The women take a good look at it, does a retake and then ask the question haltingly. But the men, you can never be sure of their interests! But you can always count on the woman to ask "What are you having?"!

Initially, I was uncomfortable with the seating arrangements in the restaurants over here in Paris! The tables are small and placed very close to each other! As I'm always alone, I unwittingly become a silent listener to the conversations of the couples seated near me! In addition to this, you also notice the dishes on the other table. The Indian food being spicy, it is always difficult to escape the aroma from the neighboring table.

During the past few excursions to the Indian restaurants in La Chappelle, I have been asked the same question. "What are you having?". It has always been a woman who asked this question. First, it was the elderly woman accompanying her date who was interested in the "Chilly Chicken". On the second occasion, it was the blonde French woman who was accompanying a Tamil man who got hooked onto the "Chilli Chicken". On the same night, a young Spanish woman smiled approvingly at me after seeing the "Chilli Chicken". In all these occasions, the man accompanying the woman was least bit interested in the food. Yesterday, it was the American women visiting Paris who were hungrily looking at the "Chole Batura". They matched the name of the dish to what was on the menu. Once they found out the name, one of them asked me, "That is Chole Batura. Right?". It is always the women who ask!

Looking back into my experiences so far at the Indian restaurants, I have only one advice to the young guns who desperately look around for an Irish pub or the nearest disco. There are easier ways to meet new people. Go to an Indian restaurant and order the most exotic food. The icebreaker comes from the opposite sex. If you have decided to try out this, please keep in mind that I'm neither experienced nor expert in this matter. This could be a theory or hypothesis (or whatever)! Let me know if it works and then I will surely write about it!


  1. Interesting observation, and have a good practical importance too. thanks :-)

  2. Should probably try this new way of ice breaking thing..ordering the most exotic food does not sound too difficult either:)

  3. Women are the ones who are naturally curious about things. When it comes to food, it doubles. They cant sit quietly without asking, can they?

    Good post, man. Good to know you are in Paris. Not in the Chennai Paris right?

  4. @Harish - Let me know if you were able to put into practice. :p

    @Perception - Try it! Try it. :)

    @JoshiMukard - No no no... I'm in Paris and not in Chennai Paris. :p


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