No papers!

While traveling in the local train in Paris, I met a fellow Indian! He asked me about my backpack! He was curious as to why I carry it around. With the arrival of spring, the days have become warmer; but the night still retains remnants of the winter cold! So my backpack contains a jacket, a camera and a bottle of water! I told him so.

There are more chances of a cop detaining you if carry a backpack! That was his comment in response to my reasoning. Seeing an unperturbed me, he asked, "You have all the papers?". He was referring to the work permit. So, I nodded affirmatively.

His face turned sad. He came to Paris on a tourist visa and never went back. This was two years back. He now works in a supermarket. He showed me his weathered hands as a result of the hard tasks at work.

Although I felt sorry for him, there are many like him all around the world! They have no papers. They desperately try to save some money to send back home while trying to remain hopeful and courageous in an alien and depressing environment.

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  1. This is really sad, I suppose since he doesn't have any papers, he has the additional worry, that he might be caught. Yes even I have heard and read and seen in TV people living abroad, having no papers and leading a very hard and miserable life. I can't understand what keeps them there. But i suppose what is the worst that can happen they would be sent back home, so I think it is anyway fine for them. Am i right?


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