What am I going to do with these DVDs?

On Friday, I was at the Virgin MegaStore on Champs-Élysées. I was hovering around the DVD section that displayed deals like “2 for 20” Euros and “5 for 30” Euros! In the “2 for 20” section, the prominent titles were "Inception" and "Robin Hood". A few months, each of these DVDs were priced at 25 Euros! So, looking at the current price, it looks like a steal!

I wanted these movies in my collection! The constraint I faced was space! After Moser Baer revolutionized the DVD market in India, my cupboard is overflowing with DVDs. The price is so cheap that you end up buying even the badly made movies! The sensible option is to store these movies on a data storage device. At the same time, I do not want to go through the pain of ripping these into another format and then store it on the storage device. But what are my options of downloading movies legally in India? In France, my options are better. But the choices are limited! Some of the movies available for download have their English soundtrack in stereo!

Coming back to the 2 for 20 DVDs, these look like surplus stock! This also reminds of a project of one of my friends was involved in a few years back. In association with a leading chain of coffee shops, the project tried to introduce a new concept! Have your coffee while your favorite music is being recorded on a CD. So, you come in, select your coffee and songs and walk out with both a coffee cup and a CD! Supplying coffee in a DVD store might be preposterous! But what about cutting DVDs right in front of you after the order is placed? We could do away with a lot of waste!

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  1. even i am wondering what to do with my collection.

  2. Hey, did you add 'Following' to your collection? Remember?

    How many have you now? I've nearly 20 including a few NatGeo and BBC documentaries. :)


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