Whose fault is it anyway?

Boyfriend: *groggy* hmmm…. hmmm

Girlfriend: What? Now you don’t want to talk to me?

Boyfriend: *still groggy* It is not that…

Girlfriend: Then, why did you text me to call you as soon as I got out of the library?

When the boyfriend initially called the girlfriend, she was at the library preparing for her exams. So, the boyfriend asked her to call him back (for whatever reasons) when she completed her library session. Therefore, she promptly called him back.

Now, the initial phone call happened at around 9pm. The girlfriend was done with her studies by 12:30am. So the second phone call happened after 12:30am. In this span of three and a half hours, the boyfriend ate his dinner and went to bed. He was soundly asleep when the girlfriend called again.

The boyfriend narrated the incident to me hoping for a sympathetic word from me. But whose is at fault here?

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  1. Heh. She should have known that he would be asleep.

  2. Loz .I am sure they made up later.

  3. @Sajesh - She followed the instructions very clearly. Didn't she? :)

    @Kavita - Not sure about the patch up! Still waiting news from the boyfriend! :)

    @Harish - :)

  4. I feel that she should have been aware of the circumstances.
    You are welcome in my new post-

  5. You know, if they are boyfriend- girlfriend, by this time they should have a fair idea about each other's schedules... and if the guy knew that he would be falling asleep, he could have requested the girl to call him next morning... not as soon as her studies were over!!

  6. @Babli - She should have been. :)

    @Anupama - Thanks for dropping for by. :)

    @JoshiDaniel- Really?


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